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Below you will find some answers to the most common questions we get. If you have a question that is not answered below or you would like to find out more about us and our policies, you can use our online Contact Form.

Q: What is the difference between an Independent Insurance Agency and Direct Writers?

A: An independent agency is a locally owned and community oriented company that has many benefits when helping their clients with insurance needs. Independent agents have the ability to write coverage with many different insurance companies, as opposed to a direct writer (State Farm, Geico, etc) who can generally only write coverage with their one company. Whether it is your home, auto, business, personal (life & health) insurance, we are a one-stop-shop that can handle your certain situation. The best part of an independent insurance agent is that we do not work for an insurance company, we work for you! For more information on our products, please refer "Our Services" tab under the menu or Click Here

Q: What do I do in the event of a claim?

A: As an Independent Insurance Agency, we work for you, not the insurance company. If you have any sort of claim, first contact emergency respondents if deemed necessary. Second, contact your independent insurance agent. Our job is to work for you through the claims process and follow through to see that you get a fair and prompt payment.

Q: Do you only write insurance in the state of Iowa?

A: We are not limited to only writing insurance coverage in Iowa. We have contracts in many other states to provide the proper coverage for your needs.

Q: What types of things will I have to select when I purchase an auto insurance policy?

A: When you purchase an auto insurance policy, you'll have to make choices in three main categories, deciding what you need and want for: Coverages, Limits and Deductibles

Q: What are the main coverages offered by an auto policy?

A: Below are some simplified descriptions of common auto insurance coverages. All coverages are subject to the limits, terms and conditions of the actual policy you purchase.

  • Bodily injury liability coverage:
  • Generally pays damages for bodily injuries to the driver and passengers of the other vehicle when you are responsible for an accident. It also provides coverage to defend you if you are sued because of an auto accident.
  • Property damage liability coverage:
  • Generally pays for damages to another person's property (e.g. their car) when you are responsible for an accident. It also provides coverage to defend you if you are sued because of an auto accident.
  • Medical payments coverage:
  • Generally covers you, household relatives and your passengers for medical expenses that result from injuries sustained in an auto accident. It also covers you as a pedestrian if you are hit by a vehicle.
  • Some states have personal injury protection (PIP) in place of or in addition to medical payments coverage. This is also known as no-fault coverage. PIP can generally pay for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of income and other expenses for injuries or death due to bodily injury sustained as the result of a car accident.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage:
  • Generally pays for damages for bodily injury to you and your passengers when caused by another in an auto accident and the person legally responsible either has inadequate or no insurance. This coverage varies greatly by state. In some states it may be a combined coverage, while other states may offer it as two separate coverages (e.g. one for uninsured motorists and one for underinsured motorists).
  • Collision coverage:
  • Generally pays for damage to your car if it hits another car, object, or overturns. A deductible applies to this coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage:
  • Generally pays for damage to your car if it is stolen or damaged by certain causes other than collision, such as fire, theft, hail or vandalism. This coverage is commonly referred to as "comp." A deductible applies to this coverage.

If you have any questions about choosing coverages, limits or deductibles, either call an agent or use our Online Contact Form.

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